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God ordained marriage for us to be happy... living in harmony, love, and peace."

- Jamen Adamson


Husbands and wives living their best lives, keeping God First in all things.


To strengthen, build and empower marriages.


We live in a day and time where much of society, both single and married, has given up on the institution of marriage.  Cohabitation and labeling one's significant other as “wifey” and “hubby” has become an acceptable substitution for the real thing. Whereas, many couples refrain from entering into a covenant relationship.


Many who dare to enter into marriage, do so with the expectation and negative perception that they will not make it. They start off with the wrong precepts that prevent the husband and wife from becoming one flesh who live in joy, peace, happiness and harmony.  We now have two people who have entered into a contract for monetary purposes, superficial benefits, pressure from society, or status. There are some who marry because they don’t want to live in sin because sex before marriage is a sin.  Instead, they are unhappy, untrusting, constantly reminiscing about the “good ole days” before they were married.  Many wish they were with someone else or, perhaps, are with someone else on the side but remain married.  They don’t truly enjoy marriage the way God intended.

Your Best Life Ministries was birthed out of the call God placed on Jamen and Tesha to carry the banner that God wants us to live our best life in marriage. Their desire is to eliminate the pessimistic attitude towards marriage and ridiculous social norms regarding marriage, through practical teaching as a result of the lessons they have learned in over 15 years of marriage.  They will do so primarily by leveraging the medium of social media.    

When husbands and wives thrive, the entire family thrives!  When the entire family thrives, communities, the nation and the world thrives. The entire world consists of individuals who make up families that originated with the union of man and woman/husband and wife.  The goal of marriage is not longevity.  There are many marriages where longevity abides but the marriage is empty.  God wants marriages to thrive in abundance.




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